“Everyone’s been nice to me. I haven’t had one person that works there or volunteers there be mean to me. For someone like me, that means a lot.”
Julie became homeless on May 8, 2019, when she and her service dog Oreo were illegally evicted out of her home. She suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and frequent seizures—and is battling brain cancer. Circumstances aside, she says she won’t stop working: Julie serves as an independent vendor for The Contributor, a nonprofit, social enterprise that provides earned income for homeless and formerly homeless individuals. Every day, Julie hits the pavement to sell the newspapers she’s purchased. But for Julie, The Contributor is so much more than a job. Her friend and the publication’s director has been helping her apply for housing. She also runs her own column, Rants & Raves with Julie, where she shares her often snarky—but always insightful—musings with readers. She says she wants to use her difficult experiences to help others with theirs.

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