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What if every company had the tools to engage their employees and make substantial changes in their community?
Together, and United Way have partnered to create the next-generation philanthropy platform: Philanthropy Cloud.

about the platform

Philanthropy Cloud consolidates everything you and your employees want to know about philanthropic causes and nonprofit organizations under a single portal.

Employees can log in to learn about the causes they care about, make donations and sign up for specific volunteer opportunities near them. And, companies can track all that feel-good philanthropic data in one, convenient place. will help you engage customers and employees in philanthropic endeavors, enhance brand reputation and awareness, attract and retain top talent and deliver a greater impact on your community and the world.

the benefits

Give employees a sense of ownership by enabling them to lead their desired activities and contributions to philanthropic causes. Leverage technology to simplify and personalize their experience and enrich their knowledge through Artificial Intelligence.

Increase visibility and transparency of philanthropic activities by letting employees and customers learn about and participate in the causes of their choice with a single click.

Elevate your brand to a new standard by changing the scale of engagement beyond cause marketing or corporate grants and donations.

Streamline your giving by making corporate philanthropy not just easier and faster, but more fun, engaging and rewarding. Philanthropy Cloud represents the perfect blend of Silicon Valley and Main Street, expertise and innovation and traditional charity and cutting-edge technology.

Get access to stories of impact and inspiration, written by individuals who are in the trenches of community service. Philanthropy Cloud brings these stories of struggle, hope and positive impact directly to employees who care about those causes, inspiring millions of people to keep giving every day.

Ready to turn your employees into citizen philanthropists? Email our Workplace Engagement team to get started.

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