Subject: More Important Now Than Ever

Throughout 2020’s challenges, United Way’s focus has been unwavering: to serve the people of our community.

Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers. People from all backgrounds, all circumstances and all zip codes. Those who are thriving and those who are struggling to survive. People who need a hand and those reaching out to others in need.

People like Yashinique. She and her daughter were living in a domestic violence shelter while seeking refuge from her abuser. With the help of the shelter and Project Return, a United Way partner agency, they were able to move into their own home at the start of the year.

People like Muggs. He was in his early 40s when he tested positive for HIV. With the help of Nashville CARES, he was able to receive help navigating medical care and social service appointments and could build strong connections with others who shared similar experiences.

People like Keyaundra. She was a single mom who had not graduated high school and was living in Nashville’s largest public housing project when she heard about the Martha O’Bryan Center. She enrolled in their GED program and after years of hard work, she proudly earned her High School Equivalency degree.

Yashinique, Keyaundra and Muggs—they are all of us. The people who look around every day and find a way to build a brighter future for themselves or for others.

No matter what the future may bring, one thing is undeniable … that we are all in this together.

Will you join us?

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