Employee Spotlight: Ambere Lewis

Apr 7, 2021 | Blog

Meet Ambere Lewis: Ambitious, Compassionate, and Resourceful

All kids deserve to start kindergarten ready to learn. That is why our Read to Succeed program partners with early childhood sites throughout the city to nurture a comprehensive early childhood learning model for small children.

Ambere, our Read to Succeed manager, works with the early childhood professionals at each site. “The best part of my job is ensuring they are equipped to provide equitable, high-quality education to all children and families,” she says.

In her role, Ambere has had the opportunity to see how building strong connections with partners and people strengthens community impact. Her time with United Way has “also allowed me to strengthen my leadership skills.”

Ambere joined the United Way team in January 2020, just before the global pandemic changed our work/life patterns. Currently, she is working toward completing a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership at Tennessee State University. As 2021 continues to unfold and bring forth our new normal, Ambere looks forward to experiencing growth and increased knowledge.

“I’m incredibly proud to highlight that I was once in the place of many of the families we serve at United Way. So, I know the impact that United Way of Greater Nashville can have on the community.”

Favorite quote: “Change happens when the pain of staying the same exceeds the pain of change.” –Tony Robbins