why united way

our approach

We unite the community. We mobilize resources. We create change.

At United Way, we bring individuals, businesses, nonprofits and government decision makers together to have the tough conversations, mobilize the resources and make the smart investments, so that every person and every family in our community thrives. We bring the community together in a way no single organization can to develop, fund and scale collective solutions that attack our community’s most pressing problems at their roots.

United we win, if we live as one.

If we make our neighbors’ struggles, our struggles. Their victories, our victories.

Together, we can be the hand raisers, the game changers, the problem solvers. We can be the voice for those who are struggling. Those who have been left behind or forgotten.

We can create bold, measurable change when we all work together. Every dollar counts and every person can make a difference.

Together, we can Live United.

our impact

In 2019 we brought together 34,700 donors from 309 workplaces in 5 counties to raise

$20 Million

in donations

$13.5 Million

in grants and other funding

$33.5 Million TOTAL

to improve the lives of our neighbors


These are the hand raisers, game changers, problem solvers and moment makers.
These are the faces of our community.