building strong, healthy communities

Together, we can build stronger, healthier communities by helping people access quality health care and make meaningful connections.

what we’re up against

Tennessee ranks 43rd out of 50 states for overall health. Roughly 10 percent of our population is uninsured. Many of our most vulnerable neighbors struggle to access quality health care, supportive services and a strong community network.

How we can make it better

Help our neighbors access quality health care.

We work with nonprofit partners to help those without health insurance obtain affordable care and those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS—through Ryan White Part Breceive essential support and services. We also work with community-based clinics and care providers to link individuals to medical services, dental care and supportive services that promote healthy living.

Assist those suffering from mental health issues and chronic disease.

Living with chronic disease, mental health issues and drug addiction is a daily struggle for many in our community. Our partners provide clients with the education and resources they need to manage their conditions so they can live healthy, productive lives. The Williamson County Anti-Drug Coalition works to prevent substance abuse in teens by building strong partnerships to support a healthy, drug-free community.

Build strong, supportive neighborhoods.

The path to a healthy life does not end with annual checkups. We bring neighbors together to build a sense of community. Through our Family Resource Center partnerships and services such as senior citizen meal delivery and teen outreach programs we help kids, families and neighbors make meaningful, lasting connections. Good health and a supportive community improves a child’s opportunity to learn, increases an adult’s quality of life and can make all the difference for a senior living alone.

we’re seeing results


Individuals avoided the emergency room


People affected by HIV/AIDS accessed vital services


Individuals reported a decrease in depression or hopelessness


Individuals made or strengthened their connections

Help us build strong, healthy communities

United Way partners with more than 100 agencies to make this all possible.

Learn more about our Partner Agencies on the ground.

United We Win

These are the faces of our community.


These are the hand raisers, game changers, problem solvers and moment makers.
These are the faces of our community.

Looking to Volunteer in the Community?

United Way of Greater Nashville, through a partnership with Hands On Nashville, offers hundreds of opportunities each month for anyone looking to get involved. 

United Way partners with more than 100 agencies to make this all possible.

Learn more about our Partner Agencies on the ground.

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we're seeing results

$19.8 Million

In tax refunds were returned


People got higher-earning jobs

$2 Million

In debt reduced for clients


Individuals improved their finances

Postponed until 2021