family resource centers

Our Community-Based Family Resource Centers

Bethlehem Family Resource Center
1417 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, TN 37203
Lead Agency: Bethlehem Centers of Nashville

Edgehill Family Resource Center
1001 Edgehill Ave., Nashville, TN 37203
Lead Agency: Organized Neighbors of Edgehill

Martha O’Bryan Family Resource Center
711 South 7th St., Nashville, TN 37206
Lead Agency: Martha O’Bryan Center

McGruder Family Resource Center
2013 25th Ave. N., Nashville, TN 37208
Lead Agency: Catholic Charities of Tennessee

Salvation Army Family Resource Center
611 Stockell St., Nashville, TN 37207
Lead Agency: The Salvation Army

South Nashville Family Resource Center
Casa Azafran, 2195 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211
Lead Agency: Catholic Charities of Tennessee

St. Luke’s Family Resource Center
5601 New York Ave., Nashville, TN 37209
Lead Agency: St. Luke’s Community House

Strengthening Communities

Our network of Family Resource Centers works to lift up our most underserved neighbors. We do this by providing a safe, welcoming space where children, families and seniors can access services and opportunities that empower them to lead stable, healthy and productive lives.

With seven Family Resource Centers throughout Greater Nashville, we provide community-led services and opportunities tailored to meet the specific needs and cultures of the surrounding area. Just as each neighborhood is unique, so are the needs of its residents. The families we serve often face challenges like poverty, unemployment, low academic achievement, rent burden, single-parent households, lack of transportation and more.

In response to these challenges, our Family Resource Centers provide residents not just with a central location for services but also a sense of belonging and a voice in defining the most pressing needs and possible solutions for their own neighborhoods. Services offered include food, clothing, books, supplies, counseling services, referrals, employment resources and more.

For an in-depth look at how a Center serves its community please read, A Model in Community-Led Service.

we’re seeing results


Individuals received workforce development training and support


People received free or low-cost quality health care services


People received health and human services care and support


Families received emergency food or supplemental nutrition assistance


These are the hand raisers, game changers, problem solvers and moment makers.
These are the faces of our community.

Looking to Volunteer in the Community?

United Way of Greater Nashville, through a partnership with Hands On Nashville, offers hundreds of opportunities each month for anyone looking to get involved. 

United Way partners with more than 100 agencies to make this all possible.

Learn more about our Partner Agencies on the ground.

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we're seeing results

$19.8 Million

In tax refunds were returned


People got higher-earning jobs

$2 Million

In debt reduced for clients


Individuals improved their finances

Postponed until 2021