patricia hart society

To learn more or join the Patricia Hart Society, contact our PHS team.

The Patricia Hart Society is a diverse, vibrant group bound together by a powerful sense of belonging—to each other, to United Way’s mission and to the Greater Nashville community. We come from all ages and all backgrounds—all committed to creating lasting change.

As an integral part of United Way, the Patricia Hart Society provides opportunities for members to lend their time, talents and energy to creating a community where every child, individual and family thrives. Together, we’re making lasting change so that every person has an equal chance at a bright future. Williamson County resident Patricia Hart, active community volunteer, philanthropist and advocate, lends her name to this endeavor because of her strong belief in United Way and as she puts it, “because extraordinary things happen when women come together.”


How It Works

  • Membership is a minimum annual gift of $50 to United Way.
  • Members enjoy learning about local programs that address our community’s most pressing needs, fundraising and volunteering with like-minded individuals.


These are the hand raisers, game changers, problem solvers and moment makers.
These are the faces of our community.

Looking to Volunteer in the Community?

United Way of Greater Nashville, through a partnership with Hands On Nashville, offers hundreds of opportunities each month for anyone looking to get involved. 

United Way partners with more than 100 agencies to make this all possible.

Learn more about our Partner Agencies on the ground.

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we're seeing results

$19.8 Million

In tax refunds were returned


People got higher-earning jobs

$2 Million

In debt reduced for clients


Individuals improved their finances

Postponed until 2021