Teens of Tocqueville

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2024 Events

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3 Days of Action (each year)

Tocqueville Family Events

2024 Leadership

Aubrey Trusley

Ashley Trusley

Lucia Cintado-Scokin

Marina Cintado-Scokin

“The love and respect of your neighbors must be gained by a long series of small services, hidden deeds of goodness, a persistent habit of kindness, and an established reputation of selflessness.” — Alexis deTocqueville

Teens of Tocqueville Alpha Chapter – A new generation of hand raisers, game changers and moment makers! Teens of Tocqueville is comprised mostly of teenaged children and grandchildren of Tocqueville Society members, working to amplify the mission of United Way of Greater Nashville through group volunteerism and fundraising. This is the first of its kind, making it the Alpha Chapter. While there is no fee to join Teens of Tocqueville, Tocqueville Society Alpha Chapter donors create a strong foundation for our community so that every child, individual and family thrives, through annual gifts of $10,000 or more.



Benefits of Joining

  • Connect with like-minded philanthropic peers
  • Engagement with community partner agencies
  • Satisfaction of collectively impacting lives in nine counties
  • Recognition on United Way of Greater Nashville’s social media
  • Invitation to all exclusive Teens of Tocqueville events