welcoming nashville fund

Let’s welcome our Afghan Allies.

Join the citywide effort to welcome our new neighbors.

In Partnership With

The United States is currently involved in a historic effort to resettle over 50,000 evacuees from Afghanistan. In the coming weeks and months, Nashville will welcome more than 300 of our Afghan allies to our city.

The effort is being led by our city’s two refugee resettlement agencies, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Nashville, and the Nashville International Center for Empowerment (NICE).

Congress has recently passed a bill that provides temporary assistance for Afghan evacuees. While this funding does help pay for some initial basic needs, our goal is to welcome our Afghan allies with all the tools and resources they need to prosper.

We are leaning on the Nashville community to ensure our new neighbors have access to the entire network of services and support they need to become economically self-sufficient and successfully transition into life in the United States.

During this critical time, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Nashville and NICE have partnered with the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) and United Way of Greater Nashville to establish the Welcoming Nashville Fund, a collaborative effort that will maximize our impact in serving our neighbors from Afghanistan.

Truly, we are stronger united.


Make a donation. With your support, we can assist evacuee families in acclimating to their new lives.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers may serve as Family Mentors, Transportation Assistants, and Housing set-ups (including moving furniture, shopping for small household items, washing dishes at apartment).

In-Kind Resettlement Donation Needs