100th Anniversary Poster Design Contest Winners

Sep 12, 2022 | Blog

Our neighbors are amazingly talented! For many years, the Greater Nashville region has fostered the talents of content creators of all kinds, from musicians to artists to writers. As we planned our 100th Anniversary festivities, we wanted to ensure that our artist community could wrap their arms around our mission and celebrations. We opened the commemorative poster design contest on August 1 so that everyone­–from students to emerging artists to professional designers–could submit artwork that reflects their vision of a brighter future for all.

We asked and the community delivered! Our top three poster designs capture the distinct styles of each artist and the beauty, resiliency and diversity of Greater Nashville.

The rich colors in the artwork created by Shannon Smith echos the diversity of our region. “I envisioned many people hand in hand, to show that we are still connected and, although different, we need each other,” Shannon said.

Shannon grew up in Nashville and graduated from Austin Peay State University where she studied studio art, primarily illustration. She works as an art handler for the Frist Art Museum and spends time away from work creating illustrations, crocheting and cuddling with the family pup. Click here to explore her work.

Traci Smith adds a whimsical touch to our commemorative posters. She’s a self-taught artist who started painting during the pandemic.

Think back … remember the photos you saw of cave drawings in your elementary and middle school history books? Many cultures throughout the ages have used animals in their art to symbolize their connection to natural and spiritual worlds. When you look at Traci’s art, what do you see?

“I create scenes with different characters because I truly believe in a world where all are welcome,” Traci said. 100 years from now, we envision a community that amplifies the kindness and unity of our neighbors. We appreciate the hope and delight expressed in Traci’s poster. Click here to explore more from Traci.

Dylan Smith is a graphic designer who’s passionate about all things Disney and a dedicated fan of Seattle sports.

Graphic design is visual communication that combines text with images and concepts. Advances in technology in the 20th century helped graphic designers expand how we communicate and express concepts, issues and events.

Dylan’s poster asks our community to consider: what we can do with the next 100 years? The possibilities are endless! At United Way, we believe everyone has the power to transform their community. We hope the efforts of our staff, leadership and partners generate transformational change within the communities we serve. The road to a brighter future takes time, energy and investments from every zip code of our region. Click here to view Dylan’s featured projects.

. . .

In the coming years, we’ll look back and fondly remember how these artists helped solidify memories of our 100th birthday. And for those who are around 100 years from now, these posters will transport them to this moment in time.