Employee Spotlight: Mia Boozer-Sharp

Jan 27, 2021 | Blog

Meet Mia Boozer-Sharp, Ed. D.: Work In Progress

Many people in our community are not aware of the role that United Way plays in providing prevention and care services to Tennesseans living with HIV/AIDS. As our Associate Director, HIV/AIDS Initiative, Mia helps improve the health outcomes of 3,000 individuals with comprehensive support and care.

“The best part of my job is being an agent of change for people impacted with HIV/AIDS,” she says. From day to day, she oversees the Ryan White Part B and CDC Prevention grants provided to local and regional service providers.

Mia has been with United Way for over a decade and brings invaluable knowledge to our team. In fact, she’ll celebrate her thirteenth work anniversary this March. Over the years, Mia has positively shaped our initiatives and fostered her skills. “I have learned how to develop better emotional intelligence from a leadership perspective, where people value my input and respect my decisions.”

2020 presented our Community Impact team with distinctive challenges, but Mia is thankful for silver linings. “Because of United Way’s impact in the community,” she says, “we have been asked to do more in less time and have triumphed through adversity. “

Overall, Mia enjoys a challenge. But, if she had the power to change one thing for the benefit of her community she would “slow time down, allowing me to leave a better footprint in the world and ensure that people’s needs are met.”

Outside of work life, Mia is most proud of her two sons: Arthur, Jr. and Aiden. This year, Mia will strive to avoid complacency in life and “to venture out into unchartered territory and to live life to the fullest.”

One of Mia’s favorite quotes: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.”  –Vivian Greene