How to run your best United Way giving campaign

Sep 5, 2019 | News

Running a United Way campaign in your workplace is about more than raising funds for worthy causes: It’s about strengthening connections between employees and their community. It’s about bringing people together to tackle our community’s most difficult issues.

Every year, small businesses, major corporations and even nonprofits rally their workplaces to support the causes they believe in.

If you’re joining the many workplaces across Greater Nashville to run a giving campaign, check out our top five tips to manage your most successful, engaging campaign ever.

Let’s begin.

Recruit your team.

Why run your campaign alone? Convene a committee of enthusiastic and resourceful employees to help you plan the best possible campaign. Involve representatives from various departments in your organization and set up regular committee meetings to delegate responsibilities.

Lock down logistics.

The most effective campaigns are short and sweet so design yours with that in mind. Kick it off and wrap it up within two weeks. You’ll also want to set a clear goal. Once your goal is set, make sure your colleagues know what they’re working toward.

Divide the company into teams and create a fun competition. Everyone loves a challenge! Incentivize employees to give for the first time or to increase their donation from previous years. Paid time off, gift cards, suite tickets, etc. are all well-liked items for participating.

Rally the troops.

Educational events throughout your campaign unite employees—plus, they offer an opportunity for engagement. Ensure events offer employees a variety of ways to understand what their contribution to United Way of Metropolitan Nashville will help accomplish. Many companies even host a 5K, volunteer project or company picnic.

Communication is key.

Launch your campaign with creative kickoff communications—then, communicate along the way to maintain excitement. We provide helpful templates to get started. Email, desk drops, personalized letters and newsletters are all valuable elements you can use to promote your campaign. Hang posters and flyers in prominent places like lobbies, lounges and elevators to announce important information.

Wrap things up.

Clearly signify that the campaign is officially a wrap and make sure your colleagues receive proper thanks. Ensuring your employees have a positive experience is critical to reinforcing your appreciation and creating consistent donors. Thank donors, employees and your campaign team in well-timed fashion at the end of the campaign.

Be sure to take a look at our 2019 Campaign Toolkit for even more creative ways to manage your campaign.

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