Metro CARES Funds Help Neighbors Struggling to Pay Rent, Utilities

Sep 24, 2020 | News

United Way of Greater Nashville announced today that the city’s Metro CARES program has helped hundreds of families struggling to make rent, mortgage and utility payments.

Funding was awarded last week to local nonprofits that are providing direct rent, mortgage and utility assistance for those struggling due to the pandemic.

“The need is great, and we know it will continue to grow well into the future,” said Brian Hassett, president and CEO of United Way of Greater Nashville. “We are working closely with an allocations committee, The Equity Alliance and community partners to ensure that funding is going to our neighbors who need it most. It’s critical that we are vigilant in our outreach so that minority and underserved communities know that help is available—and that they are not alone.”

Grantee Hope Station, a crisis relief agency that helps working, single mothers, shared stories of mothers they were able to help because of this funding:

  • “The assistance that I have received from this organization has been nothing short of amazing. This organization embodies compassion and empathy for single mothers such as myself. Hope Station has truly been a light in some of my life’s darkest moments, and I cannot express enough how much their assistance means to me and my family.”
  • “I had just recently lost my job and was not scheduled to start my current job for almost two months. The assistance I received came right on time and really lifted a heavy burden off me.”

The Housing Fund, also a grantee, shared stories of those they’ve been able to help:

  • “As a single mother living in an apartment, I was so worried about being evicted. The Housing Fund was able to catch me up with my rent so that my child and I could stay in our home.”
  • “I was working as a server and was laid off for several months. Now, I’m only getting half the hours that I used to. I’ve been struggling to make ends meet and keep food on the table. The Housing Fund was able to help me catch up with rent and utilities for three months.”

Individuals who are behind on rent, mortgage or utility payments due to COVID-19 disruptions can apply for funding from an agency that received funding. A complete list of grantees is available at http://nashvilleresponsefund.com/metro-grants-awarded.

In July, Mayor John Cooper’s Office named United Way of Greater Nashville a grant administrator for $10,000,000 that the city received in state and federal COVID-19 relief funding. United Way is working closely with an allocations committee to review applications and ensure that the grants awarded meet the greatest needs, prioritizing communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. Grants announced today range from $25,000 to as large as $500,000.

IMPORTANT: United Way of Greater Nashville cannot give money directly to individuals and families in need. At that time, individuals and families in need of assistance can apply to those agencies to receive financial assistance. Please visit nashvilleresponsefund.com for updated information on when and where individuals can apply for assistance.

For more information about local CARES Act funding, visit nashvilleresponsefund.com.


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