united we win

These are The Faces of Our Community

About United We Win: Faces of Our Community

A project of United Way of Greater Nashville, United We Win: Faces of Our Community, is many things … part portrait series, part video blog, part storytelling platform. It is also a conversation. A small way for us to share the generosity of our donors, the strength and resilience of our clients, the compassion of our agency providers and the leadership of our business partners. It’s a showcase of the humanity of our work and the inherent beauty and diversity of our community.

The faces and stories shared here are worth more than any number of statistics or reports we could share. These are the real people—the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, neighbors, colleagues and friends—who make up our community. Because behind all the research, outcomes, processes and funding cycles, what we’re really in the business of is changing lives.

At United Way, we are breaking the cycle of multi-generational poverty. To give every person—no matter their background, their circumstances or their zip code—an equal chance at a bright future. But no singular agency, institution or individual can do this alone. It will take us all working together.

We are one Nashville, one Middle Tennessee, one interconnected group who, together, can create meaningful, lasting change.

Because if united we fight, united we can—we will—win.

With stunning portraits from photographer Jason Myers, everyone is ready to tell their story. View the United We Win: Faces of Our Community publication here.