“What really interested me about United Way is it is the nonprofit of nonprofits.”
A few years ago, Aigner had the opportunity to rebuild and rebrand the Young Leaders Society. A pharmacist by trade at HealthTrust, one of United Way’s leading partners and supporters, Aigner has been a United Way donor since her early days at the company. But she wanted to dig her heels in a bit more and really find her niche within the organization. That’s when she started going to YLS meetings. “I have the honor of being in that original group of re-structuring the Young Leaders Society and crafting the lay of our land and our foundation and the work that we’re doing today.” She says she’s so supportive of United Way because she knows she’s maximizing her giving. “When you look at your funded partners, over 100 funded partners, you really can’t get that with any other organization. And then you have the added benefit of being able as a young leader to really hone in on continuing to develop yourself from a professional standpoint, from a leadership standpoint. So, you really can’t ask for much more in participating with an organization and giving your hours of service or supporting financially.”

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