“By working together through United Way, we can take a lot of dollars and combine them to make a major impact on the community.”
LaNessa became a top supporter of United Way when she led a workplace campaign a few years ago. She’s worked in information technology at Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation for more than 10 years and uses her platform as campaign manager to advocate for literacy and financial programs, specifically the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance free tax prep program. With a passion for helping others with their personal finance goals, LaNessa is a longtime VITA volunteer and loves to help prepare people’s taxes each season. “I want to help families build a foundation for success.”

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Looking to Volunteer in the Community?

United Way of Greater Nashville, through a partnership with Hands On Nashville, offers hundreds of opportunities each month for anyone looking to get involved. 

United Way partners with more than 100 agencies to make this all possible.

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we're seeing results

$19.8 Million

In tax refunds were returned


People got higher-earning jobs

$2 Million

In debt reduced for clients


Individuals improved their finances

Postponed until 2021