“Are we thriving? Are we collaborating? Are we supporting those who are in hard times? All of that is engrained with the fabric of what a healthy community looks like.”
Divya knew at an early age that she wanted to be a doctor, even to the point where she completed a six-year medical program directly out of high school. She chose internal medicine specifically because she likes to problem-solve. After her residency, she moved to Washington D.C. to work for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, where she says she got the opportunity to work with a unique patient population—from cab drivers who served in wars to Army generals who would come to the hospital for medicine. Divya has been in Nashville for 10 years, where she is serving as HCA Healthcare’s first chief clinical transformation officer. She says what she loves about HCA is that leadership understands in order for the organization to be successful, the community must be successful.

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