“Strength in the community … it’s holding each other accountable and uplifting each other.”
Charmin was a retail buyer for Macy’s in New York before moving to Nashville in 2014.

She’s from Chicago but moved to Nashville to receive her bachelor’s degree at Tennessee State University right after high school.

“I love the city. It was always home for me.”

Fashion has always been a creative outlet for her, and she wanted to make sure young women across Greater Nashville have access to explore their creativity and art. That’s why she started Creative Girls Rock, a nonprofit that empowers young girls to use their creative talents as a therapeutic method for anxiety. They host workshops, art classes, community projects and more throughout the year.

When COVID-19 hit our community, a lot of the families Creative Girls Rock serves were struggling to make ends meet. So CGR applied for Metro CARES funding through United Way and were able to help 15 families who had fallen behind on their utility, rent or mortgage bills due to a loss of income.

“One young single mother we helped … I loved her spirit, and I could tell that she was a go-getter. She was on the verge of being evicted and has three school-aged kids. And who wants to see that in the middle of winter around the holiday season? Just because you lost your job due to COVID,” she says. “To be able to help someone and bless them so that they can keep moving forward and walking in their purpose as well … I’m so thankful to United Way for providing that service for the community.”

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