“You don’t always have to be giving money to give back.”
Reginald grew up in Bethlehem Centers, a United Way funded partner—from pre-K to after-school programs to internships. “If it weren’t for Bethlehem Centers, I probably wouldn’t be half of the person that I am today.” At 18, he was hired on as staff working his way up to teacher’s assistant before managing their summer program. Now at BlueCross BlueShield, he’s at the helm of his company’s United Way giving campaign each year. “I started off working with United Way at Bethlehem Centers when they brought on a program called Sparks. It’s basically teaching kids physical education and getting them moving around instead of sitting in front of a television all day long. So just trying to get them active and involved in after-school activities. That was just something that really excited me and why I love United Way so much. The slogan ‘Changing lives and building futures’ has always stuck with me. I feel I’m living proof.”

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