“Everybody has a strength. I think that’s a big part of our community: bringing people in and then finding their strengths and using them adequately and accurately.”
Through their work at The Housing Fund, Terry and his team help low- and moderate-income families to access and maintain affordable housing.

Since COVID hit, The Housing Fund’s work has never been more important. In September, United Way of Greater Nashville granted The Housing Fund a portion of Metro CARES Funding, established by the office of Mayor John Cooper to help Davidson County residents with rent, mortgage and utility payments assistance.

Many families facing wage loss came to The Housing Fund because they couldn’t afford their rent. Terry said many of the people who had previously been a part of their down payment assistance program came back to The Housing Fund for mortgage support during the pandemic.

Thanks to Metro CARES support, they were able to provide more than $50,000 in financial assistance.

“There’s this one family that comes to mind, a couple and two kids. Both had been laid off their jobs. And one finally got back to work, but it wasn’t the same kind of income they were used to. It was maybe half the hours, just something to put food on the table. We were able to—through our grant program—make three months’ rent payment. It was a modest rent amount, and I know it’s not a long-term solution, but maybe once they get back to work, they come back to us for down payment assistance when they’re ready to buy. And we can make it work on both ends. So, it’s kind of like a holistic solution.”

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